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Nice to meet you.

I am Rozana, a UX Writer/ Content Designer based in Berlin. I love solving problems and writing. I have previously worked as a researcher, conservationist, and copywriter in India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Uganda, Jordan, Chile, and Colombia.

Solid Writing Background

I am an award-winning copywriter, who's written impactful copy in different brand voices and streamlined content for top agencies like McCann and Y&R. Copywriting has also made me a microcopy enthusiast.


Being an agented Children's Book Writer makes me write better UX copy as it is so much about being empathetic to the human experience. Writing for kids also means writing within constraints, as each word has to earn its place in the story, much like UX writing. 

Lifelong Learner

I am a graduate of the Techlabs UX Design course in Berlin and hold a Master's degree in Environmental Science. 

Thanks for dropping by. 


Headshot with a background of twinkling city lights in Chinatown, New York City

Brands I have worked with
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